Furniture Shipping Done in Style~

March 14th, 2013

For a while back last year, I had to move to another city for personal reasons and my main problem was how I could continue with my work from there along with what of furniture I needed to move or ship to my new location. The thought of shipping large amounts of furniture was enough to give me nightmares. Yes, I can imagine there are also other people out there with nightmares regarding the logistics of furniture shipping. It’s times like these that I wished that our country has their furniture shipping service like GeoNet Express to make this much easier.

The new city I moved in was in a rural area. Farms, rice fields, cows, sheep, and all that fresh air. Internet service was another issue that I had to fix since the place is far off the beaten path. How far the beaten path? There was no cable!!! Oh, the horror! No cable and intermittent internet connections? However could I have survived?

Well, I had some of my essential items and furniture shipped to my new place to make it at bit comfortable for me and not let me feel a bit homesick. I also had to load up my Kindle with lots and lots AND LOTS of books to read in my spare time in the quiet of the country. We also had to ship my entire PC system, including the LCD TV I use as a monitor for work (and yes, for surfing the internet XD). My brother also had some of his furniture shipped and some other extra stuff like his air ionizer and purifier because he still suffers from asthma sometimes. Oh, and he also had to bring his beloved cat along!

Shipping furniture and other stuff across large distances was definitely a unique experience for us and one we won’t likely to forget soon. So are we back to our usual surroundings now? Yep, we’ve moved back to our previous home and obviously, we had to ship back all our furniture and items back again!

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Euri on July 31st, 2013 at 6:07 pm
  1. We’re moving houses soon, too. I need to prepare lots of documents for it and it’s totally in the middle of nowhere! *cries*

Euri on August 6th, 2013 at 8:07 pm
  1. Laca~ Your blog feed is weird. It requires username and password? O_o

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