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You know it’s true when…

June 20, 2011

I was doing my usual haunting spree (read: just stare at all the stuff I want to buy but don’t have the money for… double read: being a masochist) at Watsons yesterday when something unbelievable happened. I was staring at shelves full of girly stuff and there were two other girls on the aisle with me. Then one saleslady came to our aisle and proceeded to give flyers to the girls. She gave one flyer each to the other girls and when she came to stand on front of me, she looked at me and moved on without giving me a flyer.

My first thought was “Huh. Weird. Do I look like I’m not interested?” And then I looked over the girl next to me to take a peek at the flyer.

It was for a weight loss product. XDDD

I know I’ve lost weight over the past few months but it’s still different when a complete stranger judges that I do not need to lose weight anymore. Happy day~ \o/

I then proceeded to roam around the store again torturing myself with all the stuff I want to buy when I encountered the same sales lady again and this time she handed me a flyer.

It was for a glutathione product (stuff for whitening skin).

And my happy day ends… -_-


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2 Responses to “You know it’s true when…”

  1. Adrift says:

    This is hilarious. -pats Lacaille-

  2. Jihyeon says:

    Hey Licorne!! No time no talk! Still glad your hanging on to the web! 🙂

    Yes I agree, hilarious story! Don’t take the whitening part seriously though. LOL! 😀

    Post more! Would like to come here more often. 😉

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