Lookie, Lookie~ Loki!

April 11th, 2014 | 1 Comment

Welcome the new member of our family, Loki!

*proceeds to parade him around like a contestant in a beauty contest*

This adorable Yorkie likes crushed bananas, loooong belly rubs, little plush toys, face licking and tail waggings for no reason. XD

I'm a cutie, aren't I?

I’m a cutie, aren’t I?


Category: Pet Mania

The Morning After…

October 5th, 2011 | 6 Comments

No. It’s not what you think. Get your minds out of the gutter. XD

Let me tell you what the Aerandria staff has been up to this year again for my birthday.

On the day of my birthday, I logged in online in IRC and found that I was the only one in our staff channel, even in our regular channel at #Aerandria@irchighway.net. Obviously, something was up. I didn’t think a simple netsplit would cause all the staffers to disappear. Knowing they were probably up to something, I let it go and enjoyed the rest of my day, including lots and lots of food.

The next day upon logging online, there were still no staffers. But when I went to a favorite IRC channel of mine and found a staffer there, I poked her. *stares at Adrift* And then, she promptly disappeared on me.

Me: *pokes Adrift* Hey.
Adrift: *poofs and goes offline*

Hmmm… definitely suspicious.

Again, I let it go and promptly ate more of my birthday food.

There was a storm the next day so I was comfortably sleeping in bed when I got an international text from one of the staffers. I really didn’t want to answer it because I had a slight headache and snuggling in bed on a rainy day was just too comfy. But they were persistent.

craxx: Laca! Check the site! Now!
Me, thinking: (Hmmm. But I don’t want to get up yet… It isn’t even noon yet and I want to nurse my headache some more by snuggling in my bed on a rainy day)
Me: Uh oh. Should I be scared? A moment. Headache.
craxx: You should (be scared). XD

A few minutes pass when I got lost in the softness of my bed again and probably drifted off to sleep. What?! It was SOOO comfy and I was sleepy!

After a few more minutes…

craxx: Laca, please come on now! Just for a while is fine. We really don’t know what to do with it.

I give a suspicious glare. Damn it. They know me too well. They know I can’t resist their plea if they say something is wrong…

craxx: (Please go to the) staff channel, please.
Me: Ok. Opening…

So there I was, still groggy from sleep and grumbling, and being barraged by screams of “Happy Birthday” and party confetti. They proceeded to regale me with stories of their ingeniousness at being able to pull my birthday surprise off and showering me with pictures of penguins, whips and bear hugs. They even managed to unearth some staffers who don’t go to IRC. XD I wonder what SNPU threatened them with…

I think I even got scolded…

Soon to be whipped staffer: Laca, you came late on your own birthday party surprise.
Me: How can I be late?! I didn’t even know what or when it was!

Then we proceeded to eat birthday food again. Which would probably account for these extra pounds I’m murdering with my glare right now.

*hugs the AE staff* Thank you SOOOOO much for the wonderful surprises!



In a Quandry

October 1st, 2011 | Comments

This is a question that’s been plaguing me for a few months now. Or rather, a really insistent urge that won’t let me go.

To buy a Kindle, or not to buy a Kindle.

Yes, a question has such a monumental impact on the universe, right? XD

Amazon Kindle Touch

I’ve been doing random research on it’s pros and cons, specially for my specific needs. Heck, I even downloaded and read the User Manual!

So if anyone has any suggestions, comments, persuasive or dissuasive inclinations, let me know. I’ll list my thoughts here.


  1. E-Ink screen so it will be precious for my poor eyesight. I know my eyesight got blurrier again this year. Which will earn me more scoldings from my mom. T_T
  2. I can stuff it with tons of ebooks and I do have TONS.
  3. Battery life is much longer than my 8-hour LCD tablet. Amazon boasts a battery life of 2 months with wifi turned off. I mean, c’mon. How can I finish a book at 4 in the morning when I have to keep recharging it.
  4. Wifi on my ebook reader? Dang. That’s just more books waiting to be downloaded.


  1. The Kindle is only available through Amazon so it basically means I have to pay for shipping and custom duties to get it here in the Philippines.
  2. How will the warranty work halfway through the globe? I heard some people say their Kindle just froze on them for no reason. Will I have no tech support to whine to when I have problems with it?
  3. All of my ebooks are in txt format. I converted them like that so that they won’t be so big to load on any device I view them with. I something even get .txt ebooks that are more than 1mb so I can’t even imagine how bit that will be in PDF or rtf format.
  4. How is it on durability? I’ve used my Palm pilot as my ebook reader for 6-7 years already. Will the Kindle have a durability close to that? I want to know I’m investing a device that will last me a while.